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Because of our riders and test pilots, elf -kites are tested in different conditions: races, marathons and freestyle competitions. It is the only way to find the optimum settings and test new ideas.

Lybimzev Roman


The designer, test pilot and head of the company. In addition, one of the leading riders in Russia Champion of Russia 2010, 2012. Winner of ISKA - 2010.

Vladimir Kovalenko


World champion – 2013. Russian Champion – 2013.

Adam Koch


Twice world champion in «Formula-kite». The leading racer in «Foil-board».

Andrew Balyakin


Very rapidly progressing racer. ISKA 2012 - 1st place Prizewinner WISSA 2011, 2012; Championship of Russia, Saint-Petersburg competitions.

Ilya Ryazanov


Acting champion in winter kite race (snowboard).

Ivan Kobzarev


Ivan makes special programs to design our kites.

Elena Kalinina


Very young and progressive racer. Acting Worldchampion in winter and summer kiting race.

Dmitry Nikulichev


Russian Marathon 2012 - 1st place Cup of Russia 2007 - 1st place Cup of Onego 2006 - 1st place Prizewinner in 2010 O`Neill Ural Christmas, Championship of Saint-Petersburg.

Simon Gill


World Champion 2010,2012 Cup of Quebec - 1st place 2008, 2010.

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